Land based and sea-going human activities are affecting the ocean in both near field and far field. For example, plastic debris proliferate world ocean even the deepest sea. Monitoring and assessment of pollutants from source to sinks and their impacts are much needed for better management to sustain ocean health.

  • Catalog regional to global marine debris observations and identify linkages between different marine debris organizations/programs (ie EMODnet, NOAA Marine Debris, GOOS, US IOOS, etc.).

  • Catalog impacts of marine debris on protected species (via debris info system).

  • Establish regional and/or thematic Working Groups to address specific impacts and applications (ie Arctic region, extreme events, biology impacts, economic consequences, food safety).

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Global Observing System for Marine Debris

The goal of this session is to advance a harmonized approach to the design of regional/national programs and their integration in a global platform/repository. We will discuss common approaches of data collection and management and propose their unification and harmonization. The session will also propose post-conference activities and programs for the next decade and discuss marine litter observation governance.

A comprehensive global observing & information system is necessary to evaluate sources/sinks, abundance, trends, risks and the efficiency of reduction measures and finally to get the problem under control.

To achieve fundamental understanding of the issues of marine debris, develop efficient in situ observation technology, remote sensors, models and monitoring strategies, involving citizen scientists when possible.

Build an integrated, standardized and harmonized collaborative network, using commonly accepted methods & definitions, whose structure (variables, coverage, and products) answers fundamental scientific questions and societal demands.

Codifying Regional Actions List

Developing a synthesized list of regional and global actions for the UN Ocean Conference.