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Sponsorship Opportunities 

Sponsorship support is vital to the creation and execution of the OceanObs’19 conference including both financial or intellectual contributions. Please fill out our expression of interest  and review the financial sponsorship levels if you would like sponsor OceanObs’19.


Financial sponsors will provide monetary and in kind support for the conference and activities. Sponsors will be from the ocean observing field: scientific agencies, governmental organizations, private sector companies, and civil society actors looking to maximize exposure at the conference. If you are interested in providing financial sponsorship, please review the financial support levels


Intellectual sponsors will engage with the community to shape the scientific inputs and conference outcomes. Sponsors will ensure engagement of major programs and agencies in the development of OceanObs conference recommendations and the follow-on activities for the coming decade. Major intellectual sponsors will likely include international and national organizations and programs with a passion for ocean observations and their applications.

If your organization fits the criteria or is interested in becoming a sponsor, please fill out the expression of interest below! For any additional information, reach out to info@oceanobs19.net or khill@wmo.int. 

Expression of Interest

Financial Sponsors

Financial Sponsors provide financial support to the conference and related activities (both cash and in kind), in return for visibility at the conference. This stream will include major players in the ocean observing field from scientific agencies, governmental organizations, private sector companies, civil society actors all looking to maximize exposure at the conference.

Gold and Platinum sponsors will be invited to a small number of teleconferences increasing in frequency in the run up to the conference, to discuss advertising and showcasing opportunities such as the website, the exhibition hall, side events and social event. Financial sponsors may also be identified as intellectual sponsors.

Intellectual Sponsors

The Intellectual Sponsors work with the Program Committee in helping shape the conference outcomes to enable major programs and agencies to take ownership of delivering on the OceanObs conference recommendations and the post OceanObs’19 engagement agenda for the coming decade. The major intellectual sponsors will likely include international organizations and programs, as well as key national agencies and organizations with a passion for ocean observations and their applications.

Organizations participating as an intellectual sponsor will provide support for a representative to be active on the committee during the calendar years of 2018-2020. Organizations providing a representative should:

  • Be a major national, regional and international, activity (e.g. agency, program, NGO or company) with a broad, global footprint or interest
  • Have significant interest in the advocacy of ocean observations and is active in the development, implementation, take up and use, and societal impact 
  • Engage and contribute significantly to framing and shaping the outcomes in the run up to and during the conference, and to implementing those outcomes in the following decade
  • Commit to advertising and encouraging engagement from their members and community; champion implementation of recommendations, community engagement in these areas post OceanObs’19

Agencies providing intellectual sponsorship will be expected to identify a representative to participate in shaping the outcomes, and a commitment to contribute time in shaping the post OceanObs’19 agenda, particularly focused on strengthened engagement with the user communities. A number of teleconferences will be held in the run up to the conference, in particular as the Program Committee receive abstracts and shape the agenda. The members of this stream can also decide on which key issues to discuss in more detail through side events.

Sponsors Executive

As a supplement to the Sponsorship Committee, the Executive will be comprised of six representatives, and will be responsible for overall sponsors engagement. The executive have primary responsibility to ensure the financial and intellectual resources are in place to run the conference; and the key agencies, international organisations, and programs take ownership of the OceanObs’19 conference and its anticipated outcomes. It works closely on scientific matters with the program committee and on logistical conference matters with the local organizing committee. Some decisions will be raised for discussion with the leadership of the Program and Local Organizing Committees.