In 2017, abstracts for Community White Papers (CWPs) were solicited from the ocean observing and end user communities. The organizers of OceanObs’19 requested abstracts with the hope they will evolve into overarching CWPs, becoming collectively reflective of community wisdoms and perspectives. The OceanObs’19 Program Committee has reviewed and consolidated approved abstracts with similar scopes to enhance the overarching vision of the final CWPs. Abstract author teams have been notified of their CWP groups, and are nearing the end of their writing process and submission. The full list of approved and consolidated CWPs can be found below. Full list of submitted CWPs will be available after publication.

For more information on an individual CWP, click on the expand button next to the topic/title. The table allows authors and potential OceanObs’19 attendees to sort, group, and filter the CWP submissions.